We are an interdisciplinary music agency. On a mission to shape the sound of the future with a focus on culture & craft, experience and innovation. 

Campaign Music - Sonic Branding - Music Activations - Onscreen Music Events

Campaign Music
We guide you through the process of finding the perfect tune for your campaign. 
As a creative and strategic partner we collaborate on the licensing or the composition of your ideal track.
Sonic Branding
We help your brand by crafting a heartfelt sound that sticks around. Not boring you with quasi-scientific jabber, but guiding you with carefully chosen research. 

We strictly deal in strategically chosen, quality sounds that get remembered.  
Music ActivationsNothing beats a live show! 

We help you carefully craft the music experience you are looking for.  
On-screen EventsOur love for music is limitless! 

We are excited to advise you on new innovative platforms, to reach your full musical potential.

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